Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What We're Watching: Cathy

Bag It
This film starts out as a protest against the ubiquitous plastic bag and how these bags are found all over the earth on land and water. It becomes a more general inquiry into how plastic has invaded our lives. Narrator Jeb Berrier looks at plastic bags, then all single-use plastic, the actual recyclability of plastics (not much is really recycled), and finally how plastics have got into our bodies and - as they are hormone interrupters - may be responsible for some of the developmental problems in young children - problems like autism, allergies, thyroid problems - and fertility problems in adults. He uses lots of humor but he is also very serious. At the end of the film he gives us a list of things we can do:  bring our own cloth bags to the store, don't use single-use plastics (plastic knives, forks, plates, bottled water, disposable cameras, take-out cups, etc.), don't microwave your food in plastic containers, choose products with less packaging, buy used items when possible, buy less stuff. All great New Year's resolutions!