Monday, February 4, 2013

What We're Watching: Cathy

A Cat in Paris (DVD)

A little girl, Zoe,  who hasn't spoken since her father was killed. The evil villain who killed him. The neighbor who takes her cat, Dino, with him when he burgles other peoples' homes at night. Zoe's mother is a police detective who is hunting both the villain and the burglar and is very surprised to find that her own household is involved in both problems. This is a wonderful family film with chases over the rooftops of Paris and a dramatic ending at the cathedral of Notre Dame. The animation and the colors are great. The film was made in France but this edition is totally in English with the voices of Anjelica Huston and Marcia Gay Harden. You can also view it in the original French if you like. Magnifique!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What We're Watching: Cathy

Bag It
This film starts out as a protest against the ubiquitous plastic bag and how these bags are found all over the earth on land and water. It becomes a more general inquiry into how plastic has invaded our lives. Narrator Jeb Berrier looks at plastic bags, then all single-use plastic, the actual recyclability of plastics (not much is really recycled), and finally how plastics have got into our bodies and - as they are hormone interrupters - may be responsible for some of the developmental problems in young children - problems like autism, allergies, thyroid problems - and fertility problems in adults. He uses lots of humor but he is also very serious. At the end of the film he gives us a list of things we can do:  bring our own cloth bags to the store, don't use single-use plastics (plastic knives, forks, plates, bottled water, disposable cameras, take-out cups, etc.), don't microwave your food in plastic containers, choose products with less packaging, buy used items when possible, buy less stuff. All great New Year's resolutions!